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Cerritos Bail Bonds Service

Everybody loves to receive a phone call from a loved one. But, no one expects that call to be coming from the local jail. It’s a nightmare most of us wouldn’t expect, but when an emergency like this occurs, they need your help and time is precious.
You need to know the right things to do in order to get them out of jail as quickly as possible. It’s easy to panic and get worried. That’s why you need an experienced Bail Bonds DIRECT Agent to walk you through the process. We handle this every day, and we know how to help you remain focused on the solutions.
Do not delay. Before you do anything else, give us a call so we can contact the jail to let them know we’ll be handling your loved one’s bond. This saves valuable time and prevents the possibility of your loved one spending any additional time in the system than what is necessary. We can help you quickly get bail bonds in Cerritos.
We’ll need for you to choose someone who will guarantee your loved one will be present at any court appearances required of them. This is required by the court and is necessary for their release. defendant’s suitability for bail. Several factors come into play in determining whether the court will grant your family member or friend bail.
All paperwork has to be completed before your loved one can be released. Once the bail bond is accepted, the defendant is usually released within a few hours at the most.
The city of Cerritos does have their own police department, and when they make an arrest, it isn’t long before that person gets transferred to the Lakewood Sheriff’s Station. This is why you need to act quickly if you want to bail someone out of Cerritos Station. The jail closes at 10:00 pm and only accepts bond posted by 9:30 pm. We can meet right in the Cerritos Sheriff’s Station lobby to complete the paper work and turn the bond in. Releases are quick and usually take 10 – 15 minutes. For directions to our Cerritos office click here.

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