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Compton Bail Bonds Service

After landing in jail, every arrestee or defendant’s first thought is to post bail to be out of that place within the shortest time possible. To do that, you must first pass through the booking process, where the arresting officer will:
  • Record details and evidence associated with the alleged crime
  • Record your name and age
  • Check your criminal record
  • Take mugshots
  • Thoroughly search your person for contrabands or dangerous weapon
Shortly after this mandatory procedure, the officer in charge will refer to the county bail schedule to determine the bail amount for the alleged case. If your offense requires a judge’s intervention to determine the ideal bail amount you must pay, you’ll have to wait for about 24 hours for the bail hearing.
Typically, a bail amount is the sum of money you must pay upon an arrest to persuade the officers or the court to let you go home as you wait for the alleged charge trial date. Under the law, the purpose of this bail amount is to assure your appearance in court to prove your innocence on the alleged charge once you’re out of police or court’s custody.
Although the judge can still refer to the bail schedule when setting your ideal bail amount, in most cases, the amount you’ll pay as surety for your release will depend on the factors listed below:
  • Chances that you can flee
  • Your past criminal record
  • Your history of missing court dates
  • The sophistication and facts surrounding the alleged criminal offense
  • Public/community safety
  • Your financial resources or capability
  • Your family ties
  • Your ties or involvement in the community
  • Lengthy of your stay or residence in the neighborhood
  • Your history relating to alcohol or drug use

On the other hand, bail premium is the amount of money you’ll pay to the bond dealer as their services fee for posting your unaffordable bail. Typically, the bail premium the bond dealer will require from you or your close friend (cosigner) will be ten percent of the total scheduled bail amount.

That means, if the court requires you to pay a bail amounting to up to $4,000, you will pay the bond dealer $400 as their nonrefundable bail premium or services fee. In exchange, they will sign an official contract with the court presiding over the alleged offense, promising to make your bail payment when you fail or refuse to turn in court to defend your case.

Instead of struggling or burdening your family to pay your total bail in cash, you will only need to pay a small affordable percentage of your total bail amount to a bond dealer to post the bail on your behalf. Depending on your financial situation, a reliable bond dealer can even organize a payment plan that will work out in your favor to pay this bail premium without a hassle.

It is also worth noting that your prospective bond dealer may also require you to secure your release using a property of value (collateral). Depending on the total bail amount the court requires, the bond dealer may allow you to use any of the following valuable items as collateral 

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